"A Workplace for the soul" does not mean inefficiency. Hypocenter is designed and created to be the perfect place for you to develop your own business by meeting other members in a unique environment to really take care of your soul, your most important sense.

Hypocenter is not only an office, it is a place to work, to meet, to get inspired by events weekly where you as a member always will be our VIP guest. Meeting rooms with open fireplaces where you can invite your customers, colleague’s, partners or others is reserved for you 24/7 365 days a year.

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Your innovation lab where you will develop your business in a unique atmosphere. Read more… 


Your work desk, surrounded by other members with the same target; To get your business moving. Maybe you will sit beside your future business partner. Read more… 


Your environment, where you will be able to work in an office instead of "hanging out there" in cafés & hotel lobbies. You will get colleagues even if you are working in your own "onehen company", and develop together with other members. Read more...

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